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What is the history of this event? Where is it located? Who runs it? is it associated with a particular store, museum, school, or organization? Are any famous or notable artists involved in the planning?

For ParticipantsEdit

Who can participate?

Is this convention for independent creators or publishing juggernauts? Does the event lean toward a particular genre or subculture?

How do I get a table?  

How do would-be participants apply? Is there a vetting process or is everyone welcome? Please include links to any relevant web pages!

How much does it cost to exhibit?

What's the price range and what does it include (see below)? Former participants can feel free to include a rough estimate of hotel costs or other expenses associated with exhibiting.

Technical Stuff

Are tables provided? Edit
What size are the tables? Edit
Are there chairs provided and how many per table? Edit
Can you set up your own table area or do union workers need to? Edit
Is there security at night? Are there electrical outlets for booth use?  Edit
Height restrictions on signage? Edit
Can you bring food/water? Edit
Can things be hung from ceiling? Edit
Is there a freight entrance? Edit
Can books/merch be sent ahead to convention site? Edit
Any lights/sound regulations? Edit
Is there wifi in the building and is it free? Edit
Is the building air conditioned? Edit

For GuestsEdit

How much does it cost to attend?

What is the ticket price? Are tickets difficult to come by? Are there volunteer opportunities that will get you in for free?

What kind of events will take place?

Are there panels? Parties? Contests? What is the (official or unofficial) focus of this event? Will you meet Chris Ware, or the cast of Firefly, or both?

What kind of items will be available for sale?

Is the focus on books? Art? Collectibles? You can buy everything but the kitchen sink at San Diego Comic Con, but will have a hard time finding tie-in merchandise or cosplay supplies at SPX.


Please feel free to add any other advice here!

Is there a giant line? Should you get there early? Is cosplay out of place or will you fit right in? Are there restaurants nearby, or is the event in an out-of-the way location where you are stuck with whatever the pricey food court (or hotel vending machine) has to offer? Is it handicapped accessible or kid friendly?

This Wiki exists to make help make the convention experience as amazing as possible, and nothing improves a visit like personal knowledge of a city or event!

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