Interested in creating a page for your favorite local convention? We are happy to have you!

If you're new to wikia, it runs on the same platform as wikipedia (fact-check this). A handful of pages are locked, and only editable by admins, but everything else is open. Before you do anything, take a look at the statement of purpose on our about page.

Creating a New Page

Ready to make your own entry? Great!

First, check the list of comic conventions by state, and make sure it isn't already there (if you are the organizer of a brand new festival, you can probably skip this step).

Open up the sample page in a new window, you'll need it in a minute.

Click on the "contribute" dropdown on the upper right hand corner of this window, and select "add a page". You'll be prompted to name your page, so please title it with the full name of the convention you're writing about (acronyms are ok). If the name is likely to be common (we're looking at you, ACME!) you can add the standard two letter abbreviation for the state where it takes place.

Now go back to the sample page, click "edit" and copy the dummy text– this will make the process go much faster. Paste the dummy text into your new page, and start filling in the blanks!

While we want to comic tools wiki to be a relatively democratic place, we are sticklers for grammar and formatting. If you have a question about whether a word is capitalized, or how it should be spelled, consult our handy style guide (coming soon!). If you have a question about formatting, you can consult our handy formatting guide (also coming soon!).

Filling in the Blanks

Confused about what to add? You can contact me on twitter @efelger!

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