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Where: Kohala Coast, Hawaii

When: September 12-14, 2014, September 10-13, 2015, September 15-18, 2016, September 14-17, 2017



HawaiiCon is a non-profit run by volunteers. It caps it's attendance under 2000 to keep the intimate feeling better scientist, stars, and fans. Even with it's small attendance, HawaiiCon typically books 25-30 celebrities, a dozen writers, and 20 scientists.

For ExhibitorsEdit

Who can participate?

HawaiiCon celebrates diversity.

How do I get a table?  


How much does it cost to exhibit?

$250-$350 for four days.

Technical Stuff

Are tables provided? Yes.

What size are the tables? 6 foot

Are there chairs provided and how many per table? Two chairs provided

Can you set up your own table area or do union workers need to? Tables come set up.

Is there security at night? Are there electrical outlets for booth use? Yes.

Height restrictions on signage? No.

Can you bring food/water? Yes.

Can things be hung from ceiling? For an extra charge.

Is there a freight entrance? Yes.

Can books/merch be sent ahead to convention site? Yes.

Any lights/sound regulations? Yes.

Is there wifi in the building and is it free? Yes. Free.

Is the building air conditioned? Yes.

For GuestsEdit

How much does it cost to attend?

What is the ticket price? Tickets range from $10 for a children's day pass to $499 for VIP passes.

Are tickets difficult to come by? VIP passes always sell out, but regular passes tend to be available right up until the day of the convention.

Are there volunteer opportunities that will get you in for free? Yes

What kind of events will take place?

Are there panels? Over 150 panels

Parties? There is a lu'au with the celebrities.

Contests? Cosplay contests on Saturday.

What is the (official or unofficial) focus of this event? Each year HawaiiCon celebrates different shows and aspects of fandom, but there is always something for everyone.

What kind of items will be available for sale?

Is the focus on books? Art? Collectibles? Wide variety.


Please feel free to add any other advice here!

Definitely, plan three months in advance to get the best deals on airfare. HawaiiCon is cheaper than SDCC or DragonCon IF you book early and plan well, plus it is right on one of the most amazing beaches!

Is there a giant line? No lines.

Is cosplay out of place or will you fit right in? Lots of great cosplay.

Are there restaurants nearby, or is the event in an out-of-the way location where you are stuck with whatever the pricey food court (or hotel vending machine) has to offer? There is everything from inexpensive food trucks to gourmet restaurants right at the convention.

Is it handicapped accessible or kid friendly? Yes.

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Twitter: @HawaiiCon 


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